“Your life, Your Legacy, Your Funeral, Your Way”

It’s about family Values

Every family is unique in its own way, and there is no exception to my own family. We are your typical Latino family ready to serve your family!

Torres Family

You Are Welcome Here

Veteran owned and Family operated. We are here to help you through one of the hardest times in life.

Whether it is a simple cremation or a traditional funeral service, we will stand by your side and guide you throughout the entire process.

Call us anytime and talk to us about any concerns or questions.

We encourage you to discuss your personal wishes about cremation or burial with our staff.

Our Mission

It's always about you

It’s always about you



The highest integrityThe highest integrity

As a proud parent of an active US Navy Special forces Warfare, we hold ourselves to a standard that is higher than most and are committed to exceeding your expectations.


“It was my first time dealing in making a funeral for my father Jose. I had no idea on what to do next. But Ralph and family  guided me step by step. My father wore his favorite texano hat and his tequila by his side. He did it his way”

Thank you, Lorena